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I'm not sure if you fixed the bugs yet but I can't seem to finish the game too. The save and load doesn't work correctly, and after finishing the second level of the mini game, I can't find anywhere to move on from it.

The bugs are still in the process of being fixed. Thank you for your patience.

I love the game and Hiroshi <3
But I wasn't able to finish the game, I can't save and load the game correctly, and when I tried to play the mini game pressing space the game reset


Thanks for pointing that out! We are in the process of fixing this bug. Glad you loved it! 

Thank you for taking your time to answer me :)

It's interesting!, but ... after winning the mini game i can't return to the game, cos all i see is lvl 1 and 2, no exit or "go back" things

I appreciate the feedback :) Thank you for bringing this bug to my attention! Will fix ASAP. 

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why does spacebar reset the whole game?

Thank you for bringing this issue up. I will fix that asap!