(a) what is your game about, and why did you choose that topic? 

My game is an autobiographical game about my adventures of walking my dog back in suburban Georgia. The player plays in a first person point of view perspective and walks the dog around the neighborhood. The objective of the game is to go around to the different checkpoints and pick up 10 pieces of poop before time runs out. The player has 2 minutes to pick up 10 pieces of poop.  I choose this topic because walking my dog back home was a favorite memory of mine and it helped me spend more time with my dog. My dog pooped a lot so making a game about it seemed appropriate. 

(b) what was fun or not fun to do? and what was easy or difficult to do?

What was fun to do was art passing all my game objects. Entering this major as an artist pursuing to be a character artist for the game industry, I enjoyed making 3D models in Maya and showing off my artistic talents. What was not fun to do were building the file into HTML and uploading them into itchio. Building took too much time and itchio always screwed up the game. What was easy was making all the different materials for the game objects and dragging them onto the screen. It made the game more aesthetically pleasing and it took only like 5 seconds. What was difficult to do was figuring out how to stop the poop from spawning too many at a time. It took a lot of trial and error in my code to finally get it to work.